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Bedroom Storage Solutions

You Have More Space Than You Think

We pride ourselves on getting the best out of any space. Where there are sloping ceilings or alcoves, protruding features like chimney breasts, the answer is to work with them & utilise every bit of space.


Bespoke Soultions

Where you see awkward space, we see extra storage. Find out what we can do to maximise the potential storage space in your bedroom.

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Fitted Wardrobes

Our team of expert bedroom designers can enhance your bedroom storage needs with our outstanding range of products.

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Fitted bedroom furniture means it can work around those awkward features and make use of what would otherwise be lost space.

Premier Bedrooms also offer a wide range of internal fittings, these designed to fit your needs and demands of modern day living. By adding in these clever touches you could actually have over 3x more space in a Premier Bedrooms fitted wardrobe compared to a free standing equivalent.

Walk-in Wardrobes

When a fitted wardrobe alone is not enough to house the contents of your wardrobe, you instead need a room! Dressing rooms are becoming more and more popular with modern day living. 

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Sliding Doors

Made to measure luxury aluminium sliding doors. Great for small spaces or a seamless look. 

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Finishing Touches

The final touches that make all the difference to your new bedroom.

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Bespoke headboards and luxury beds will help you take the first step towards a better night’s sleep.

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Our Bedroom Ranges

We supply bedrooms from some of Germany’s most reputed bedroom furniture manufacturers. Our experienced designers know exactly what it takes to get the best out of these diverse, high quality ranges.


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